Maelduin's gallery


Excerpts from old myths and my imagination

Princess Arien - in the
library at Vymara
Magician - Master Kelrun
is one too!
Princess Arien - a figure from
the fantasy novel "Aurinor saga"
Dream - Arien's dream marks
the beginn of her search
Storm - not so rare at
the south coast of Anelia
Galleon - 'To sail is life'
a anelian word
Initiation - a egyptian ritual
(pure fantasy)
Magical combat - an
archetypical scenery
Dramatic - an image
from the Maelduin mythos
Island of woman - an image
from the Maelduin mythos
Holy Grail -" to be complet"
a philosophical image
Circle of life - an other
philosophical image
Temple of glass - an image
from the planet Terra Maris
Underwater - an other Terra Maris


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