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Born 1953 in Biel/Bienne, a small city in Switzerland near the capital city Berne.

After finishing the education I lived the life of a modern nomad, working here and there in different jobs, travelling, searching for a vision of life. Later I begun to work in scientific and reserach departments of federal and university instituts. Chemistry, biochemistry and now medical physics were the fields of my working activity.




Books, outdoor activities, art and music, graphics design.

I like books, not only the content of a book - the story, the information or the illustrations - I like books as a whole thing, as a product of an artisan or a result of a complex process of making. Of course I do not only study the design or the making of books, I also read them. The main fields of my interests are (in alphabethical order):
alchemy, archeology, architecture, computer technology, cosmolgy, ethnology, fairy tales, graphics design, history, mythology, philosophy, psychology, religion, science fiction, tarot.

My favorite outdoor activities are mountain biking, hiking, jogging and swimming. The outdoor sports are a good compensation for the computer and intellectual oriented life that I live. But to be out in the nature is also important for me to feel the roots of life, to be a being of this planet.

My interests in art and music has an emphasis in classical music (from Bach to Brahms) and classical painting (from the dutch painters to the german romantic). In some of my landscape images you can see the influence of romantic painters like C.D. Friedrich.

The interest for graphics design (layout, illustrations and information graphics, webdesign) is a result of my bookmania and also of my professional work.


3d digital art


In the year 1997 I bought my first 3d graphics software - Bryce 2. Since then 3d digital art is the mean focus of my life! Why?
With Bryce and other graphic software I found the way to expressing my creativ potential and my imaginations in a form that corresponds to my way of life. To see what I mean please have a look to my gallery.

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